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It's Just The Way Things Are

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Before you flame me, I agree. Our run D is terrible. Our run O is too. Our O-Line is having issues blocking.

But seriously...that's the way the NFL is these days. This is a Cardinals team that beat some very, very good clubs early in the year, and even though our performance against their run game is INEXCUSABLE, let's have a bit of perspective. Would you rather be tied against the Jaguars, like Houston is now? Or losing to Detroit, like GB? How about losing to the Browns, like the Cowboys?

It's week to week...I think we look terrible, and I'm raging that Spoon isn't in and Asante is injured, and that we can't seem to stop even the worst run games in the league...but there are positives. Our pass D looks good, albeit against terrible competition. Our pass offense is good too, even though Ryan's had issues he's looked great too for the most part against the 2nd ranked pass defense.

This team has so much potential, it just hurts to see them never fully capitalize. But hopefully we'll see a better team in the second half. Stop with the doom and gloom threads, or at least confine it to one thread per issue. We'll get through this...as Falcon fans, we've endured a lot worse.

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im a homer thru and thru but even I see that our rn game needs to be fixed and same with run d

If you read, you'd see I said that, and was probably even harsher. Our run D doesn't need fixed, it needs to be hit with a defibrillator. Our O-Line has bright spots, but we're so weak at center that I'm going to give myself a hernia raging about it. We aren't getting nearly enough pressure with our D-Line, imho. Need to load 8 or 9 in the box and make them beat us with their pass game, because they DON'T have a QB capable of doing so.

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