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Now The Saints Are Playoff Contenders?


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I want to get to the playoffs fast now.. I am ready for this team to excell and take on the whole NFL... if we can shake the injury bug and keep going we can do it.

Terry Bradshaw saying the SAINTS are back on track really burns me when we are 8-1... it is time for the Falcons to take over the NFC South and stop losing to the Saints, Buc's and Carolina.. it seems these three teams get a better rep with the talking heads then the Falcons and I am ready for that nonsense to end.



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The reason why Long says the Falcon don't want to see the Saints in the playoffs is...they dont! Why would they? The Falcons have won twice in thirteen meetings. Open your eyes people. i mean can anyone with a fair mind sit here and say that the Falcons would beat the Saints in the playoffs? Look, the Falcons get no respect because they just don't look that good. the skate by teams they should be crushing. Remember when the Saints won the SB... They were crushing teams. There was no doubt that if that team kept playing the way they were that they were unstoppable. Now lets be honest, can anyone say that about the Falcons? Sorry to sound negative and pessimistic, but that is just the way it is.

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Well......the did just beat the best team in the league.... so yeah I can see why they would seem like a contender now

Until they are they are eliminated from the race, they are in the hunt.

With 6 games remaining, their window is closing fast, and they know it.

Never count Drew Brees out, the guy is just too damm good.

Hate dat guy.

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Ok people here it is...


1. Atlanta

2. San Francisco

3. Green Bay

4.New York (6-4)

5.Chicago (7-3)

6.Seattle (6-4)

Still Alive

7. Tampa Bay (6-4)

8. Minnesota (6-4)

9. New Orleans (5-5)

10. Dallas (5-5)

The Saints still have to play Tampa and Dallas (they win and get the tie breaker)... very possible

Minnesota has two games left against the Packers and the Bears (count them out)

So it comes down to the Saints and Seattle. ( My bet is the Saints)

So 9%... Yes if you go by a computer generated formula that goes by the teams play over the first half of the season... which would be great if computers played football.

Anyone that says the Saints are dead in the water is just not doing their homework.

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That's what happens when a borderline .500 team beats the best. It gives an illusion of hope.

A borderline .500 team did'nt beat the best. They beat the falcons. They play the best this Sunday.

Speaking of illusions, Falcons > 9rs. Now THAT is an illusion

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They have too much to overcome to make the playoffs. But our main concern is locking up homefield advantage and be healthy going into January

The Saints can beat ANY team, any field, because of two factors :

1) The BEST O line in the NFL allowing zero sacks to Brees. He has approx. 45 seconds to find an open receiver on a typical pass play.

2) Drew Brees. He can put the ball in any hole, find any open receiver, and drop it on a dime. With his O line he is virtually unstopable.

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