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I Missed All The Sky Is Falling Posts Last Week


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It has been a really busy week for me and I did not get a chance to sign on after the loss last week. It was loss number 1 of the season and I did not sweat it. In fact, I think it was good for the team. Roddy is one of my favorite players, but he did a lot more talking before the game than I like. He needs to keep that kind of talk in the locker room and let his play on the field speak for itself.

It was up to him how the game turned out at the end of the game. Matt threw a pretty pass that would have went for a touchdown at the end had he ran through the play instead of stopping and back peddling. I hope it was a humbling experience for him and one he won't forget.

Roddy is as good as his play on the field (which is awesome), too good of a player to screw it all up with his mouth.

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