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Every Darn Time Around Israeli And Palestinian Election This Crap Happens


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This isn`t a "here we go again" scenario that the media and maybe you are trying to insinuate. Hamas began launching rockets into Israel unprovoked and everyone knows Israel will not lay down and take it. NBC News last night was doing their best to make it sound like "those two are at it again" as to keep public sympathy for Israel at a minimum.

Israel must also feel reassured knowing that Obama claimed in that last debate that The United States will defend Israel. Israel just might take Obama up on that one.

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They should have took the land split in 1948....now they are gonna end up with nothing.

Now Arab nations need to put their money where their mouth is and let Palestinian people in without discriminating against them the way they do. If they refuse then Israel need to take the rest of the Gaza Territories. The random firing of rockets into Israeli cities isnt acceptable, and if they cared anything about their population they would solve this Palestinian problem once and for all. Kick them out. They arent the first people to lose their land, and they wont be the last. When Arab nations refuse to accept them(the way they do now) then hold that hypocrisy against them.

The song still is as relevant today as it was decades ago sadly...a distant dreamsad.png

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