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Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deal Thread.

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zodiac, we get some great deals and it's on some very good products also. i save up and spend money on a number of items on black friday/cyber monday that really are terrific deals. to each their own i guess.. but let's use this thread to provide info for everyone who is interested in black friday and cyber monday.

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Bfads.net seems like the go to place.

Normally I skip Black Friday, but surprisingly one of the TVs I have had my eye on is actually going on sale at Best Buy, so I am going to make the jump.

yeah last year i bought a 46 inch and 50 inch panasonic plasma's for a great price on best buy on black friday. you can find some great deals on tvs. thanks for the site. i will be posting some stuff i have found on frys.

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I was able to get Madden 13 with two day shipping for 20 flat earlier today. It was a lightning deal for 25 and had gotten a 5 Amazon credit yesterday via Face book.

Anyways here is a site that does a good job keeping up with Black Friday Deals on video games and consoles


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Warning to anyone buying a Wii U. Apparently, there is a very long, out-of-the-box firmware update required. New owners who get antsy and stop the update to try playing for awhile have been finding their new system is already trashed.

wait a minute. So you're telling me the makers of Madden made the Wii U. Lol
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just got back.... deals i got:


madden 2013 - $25

mw3 bluetooth headset for xbox 360 - $25

dead island - $10

xbox live 3 month cards x3 - $11


halo 4 + $20 gift card - $60

black ops 2 + $5 gift card - $60

was making two purchases at target so i was able to use the gift cards right away.

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