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Julio And Spoon Did Not Practice Again.

The Don™

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Mike Smith on 790 said its a game time decision. He said JJ,spoon both put in some work and were evaluated today on how much load they can take. Sounded like Julio might play with Spoon's status really up in the air, I hope MS plays it safe and let both JJ and Spoon rest.

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Julio Jones is just prone to injury ...He is starting to get that knack on him...Its nothing new with a TD draft pick tho ..

Spoon to now .. rookie season missed a ton of games ..

kind of sucks ..I understand NFL is a rough sport ankle/hamstring/ happen but lets be real ..Roddy White hasnt missed a game past 4 years ..

every year another TD draft pick goes down ...Ewing this year

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Sure am glad we essentially have the division wrapped up cause if we were 5-4 or 6-3, people would be seriously pissed about JJ's durability. Not sure what's up with that. Hopefully it's an anomaly, but I think he runs so hard and plays so physically that injuries will just be a part of his career. Lets just rest him until 100% since we are fortunate to have a game or two in hand that we can lose and still secure home field.

Really does make you appreciate a work horse like RW who simply never misses a game. But to be fair, JJ is so fast that he is often tackled from behind which poses greater risk.

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I could see Julio playing, because he came back into the game last week. They could just be keeping him out for cautionary reasons.

But Spoon...dude hasn't practiced or played for weeks, so he's not going to play with no practice. Nope, not going to happen.

I'm just hoping that Spoon is healthy and ready to play by week 16.

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TD Draft picks that have missed significant time





Meier-torn acl



Harry Douglas-torn acl

Ewing-torn acl

throw in 5 draft picks for Julio who missed 2 games last year and parts of 2 ....Is about to miss this game +

how many of those had significant college injury histories since you're more than implying that Dimitroff somehow fell down on the job by drafting them?
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