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Falcons Throwback Deluxe Paracord Bracelet


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You selling those?


I sell a variety of bracelet designs on ebay.

I had made this Falcon design for myself and thought I would also add it to the store.

Since it is geared toward falcon fans I thought I would get opinions from my falcon bretheren.

This Deluxe version is about 1 inch wide and has 16 foot of paracord.

3/4 polished aluminum buckle

Each knot has a brass ring to emulate the gold in the helmet.


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Yo I was digging the look of the bracelt until the buckle thing..... Other than that looks good. What's your ebay name so I can look at the other stuff

Yeah..just as many people prefer a standard black buckle..and thats what I use on most bracelets. This one had the metal rings..so I matched it up with a the metal buckle. I can make them with either. Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

Ebay I.D. Defconbird

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i just looked, when will you be reposting the falcons or braves ones?

Hey, dirty

I set up an auction for a Falcons and/or Braves bracelet.

The auction is buyers choice of design. A special Falcons price.. reduced from 14.90 and set at 10.00 each plus free shipping.

Auction number 9261293150292858890304


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