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Please Help Some Fellow Falcons Via Facebook.


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Hi all,

Myself and some other Falcons based in London are attempting to meet up this Sunday to watch the game (vs the Cardinals).

For the game to be shown we need to win the vote that is currently on the

NFL in London facebook page. I can't seem to produce a link.

Find week 11 and vote for the Falcons.

Will only take 1 minute to do.

Many thanks.

p.s if anyone can manage to produce a direct link that would also be greatly appriceated.

copy and paste this into google or maybe quicker just to go to facebook and type in NFL in London

http://www.facebook.com/pages/NFL-in-London/202026769851069?ref=PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL


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You're one vote away from being tied, who the **** are these people wanting the browns vs cowboys lol.

don't know, i have never seen a Browns fan in that bar, the things is we do have between 10-15 people coming and i'm sure they only have about 6 or 7.

This vote is as tainted as the saints superbowl win, but if thats the way they want to play it!!

Voted for you! Thats pretty cool they let the fans vote for which game to watch


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Done - nice call i may even show up if time allows

Thanks, please do.

I'll be wearing a red Julio!!

It's a shame I can't remember the email addresses to the "farm team" I used to have. Me and a Buddy had 30+ accounts used to assist. I was able to remember 3 of 30. If I can think of more I'll vote with them too


Keep em' coming!!

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