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Does Anyone Else Love Bank Of America As Much As I Do?


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About a year ago I was selling my car that was financed though Bank of America and I can not count the number of times I was transfered and cut off for a simple copy of the title request. I cussed and swore I never do business with this monster no service bank---

well haven broken that promise, I now own a Bank of America credit card and yesterday I wanted to talk to someone about setting up automatic payments cause it wouldn't let me do this online, I was transferred at least 7 times before I was finally cut off.

F it!!! I will wait till I get a bill in the mail---stupid bank

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Every time I deposit money for my mom they ask if I want to open an account. Last time, or the time before after waiting an extraordinarily long time in line, I responded "I'd rather be bitten by a rabid dog" Teller looked shocked and was of course speechless.

Let no one claim I front on a mb ;)

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