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Ja55 Would Be Going Against Rookie Ot Nate Potter

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Cardinals rookie OT Nate Potter opened the Week 11 practice week as the team's starting left tackle.

Potter supplanted D'Anthony Batiste on the blind side in Week 9 against the Packers and performed okay, which is better than they were getting from Batiste. Arizona used the Week 10 bye to make the change. Potter was the No. 221 pick in last April's NFL Draft out of Boise State. He's listed at a svelt 6-foot-6, 300 pounds. Potter will see a lot of Atlanta's John Abraham on Sunday.

If Abe doesn't get 2-3 SACKS, I'd be surprised..

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If Potter doesn't have help. I guarantee they will be chipping Abe a LOT.

See I agree with this as I see the Cards throwing the ball alot in this one with the WRer's they have there probably a tailor made team for us as Nolan will be able to implement his scheme and not have to worry about Run D as much this week.

I like above think Abe will be chipped so i think someone opposite him has to win a battle or Babs and co inside have to wreak havoc if we are to get to the QB as they surely won't let Abe go unaccounted for.

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And they are coming off a bye week, so get to fix all thier problems. We have seen it before Eagles and Cowboys turning the ball over for fun, none against us.

This will be the 4th team we'll play coming of a bye.

It seems like every year we play a ton of teams coming off the bye. Didn't we play like 7 teams a couple of years ago? It gives opposing teams unfair advantages.

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