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Do You Think The Saints Have A Real Shot At Taking The Division?

Tom Servo


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  1. 1. Do the Saints have a real Shot at winning the division?

    • Yes definitely
    • Mmm... not sure
    • Absolutely not

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i just find it humorous how a saints fan says, "just because somethings questionable doesnt mean it really is."

when you guys have been referring to the bounty situation as questionable going on half a year now?

Well if the "Bounty" thing was cut and dry then it wouldn't be questionable. Also, it's not just Saints fans who has "questions" about BG, so in essence yes some aspects of BG are questionable.

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This Raiders game will tell us a lot about whether the Saints are really ready and serious about this year. They have not fared well when travelling west the last few years.

The Raiders are one of those teams that surprises people, they show up every now and then and look like a legit contender and then other times they stink it up.

If the Saints show up and be the team that they have the potential to be, this game could be an ugly blowout. If the defense of the beginning of the year shows up, the Raiders can beat us easily because they will be able to score. However, if D McFadden is not playing, it will be a tough day for the Raiders, almost regardless of how the Saints play because he is their engine.

I think the Saints win this simply because they are the better team but you know the old adage..."n any given Sunday..."

I was at this game. The Saints O looked GOOOOOOOOOD. And despite the D giving up huge chunks of yards, they were generating pressure on the QB and turnovers. Twice this year Roman Harper has been robbed of a turnover. This game could have and should have been even uglier than it was.
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do you guys really think we lose to TB twice, Det and Car ?

all we need is 2 of the next 6

Saints will Lose to either us, Dal or SF

they still have a shot at Playoffs

but the div is more than likely out of Reach

Winning the division would take the Saints winning out, Tampa sweeping the Falcons, and the Falcons losing again to either NYG, Detroit, or Carolina.

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That's why they play the games, Shred.

I think they think its possible.

It would be amazing if it went down that way, I have a lot of folks in New Orleans who really think this is feasible.

If it goes down like that then we all meet @ Flowery Branch and plug our brains with lead.

The mayans were right. This is truly the end.

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Falcons 9-1

last 6


3 wins Clinch Div

Saints 5-5

last 6


win out Atlanta lose 4 of 6 Clinch Div

Bucs 5-5

last 6


win out Atlanta Lose 4 of 6 Clinch Div

soooooooooo yea

of the 3 ATL has the easiest Schedule

Saints have Hardest

Barring a Collapse of Epic Proportion by Falcons

Saints are really Playing Bucs for second Place

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