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With Edwards Cut, Whose Is Next De Up?


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Obviously Beirmann will start but who else will be in the rotation especially as Nolan likes to use Beirmann in different positions.

1. Sidbury

I had forgotten about him, not sure he'll ever make the grade.

2. Cliff Matthews.

He is a second year player who is always inactive come gameday. Maybe being a 2nd year player gives him the adavntage over..

3. Jonathan Massaquoi.

He was my first thought, again has always been inactive. Can he play special teams, as that could help decide it between him and Matthews.

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If we move to 3-4 as mooted then we'd call up Micanor Regis from the PS. That said the Ta'amu release by Pittsburgh has some small value, although he has a jail term staring him in the face apparently so I am not getting too high on that one Falcons Filter and all.

A nose tackle off someones PS maybe another look. And Finally Pat Schiller OLB may have good Pass rushing skills even though he is 4th in line to Ray-Rays throne!!

4pm is the deadline for registrations I wonder if this is the only move we make?

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