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We Were On Our Way To A Blow Out....

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Asante Samuel's interception had us in position to blow the New Orleans

Saints off the field. Then he and Willie Mo decided to celebrate and pick

up a dumb penalty. I thought we were still on our way to a blow out but after Mike

Smith's over the top reaction to the dumb penalty the mood changed. Our

defense was distracted and not themselves.

I haven't noticed this being addressed on the board. I hate a dumb penalty

nearly as much as Mike Smith but I think this is one he should have let ride

at least to some extent. I am curious to hear what other people think about


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Okay man, I can understand the frustration over losing to the Saints, but now you're falling off the deep end. Get a grip.

That was a garbage call.

It was a BS call, As angry as I was at Asanate about the penalty, I think Smitty might have pushed it too far. He might have messed with the secondary's confidence. I honestly think he is psyched out

With the exception of Roddy, our players don't hate the Aints like the Aints players hate us. It gives the Aints a slight edge. They love to humiliate us, while we like to be classy. Gotta start hating these scumbags. How you gonna stay classy to a team that runs the score up for a record, pisses on your field, takes group pics posing on your logo? Aints constantly talk trash about us and we don't punch em in the mouth. We are weak minded vs them.

It was a bogus "Katrina" call, but Smith went overboard with the sideline antics. It was embarrassing. It definitely changed the momentum.

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This is stupid. You have to berate players for unnecessary penalties. Losing 15 yards after a huge momentum swing play due to celebrating is ********. You celebrate when you win. If you want to dance and celebrate, you do it by the bench, taunting their fans, not by the sideline in front of the refs.

Unless you want us to have a team like the Cowboys that doesn't live up to their hype/potential. Almost 1000 yards lost on 119 penalties through 9 games. Yeah, you'll win a lot of games losing over 100 yards to penalties every week...

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Look. Asante knows what it takes to get up for a game like this and while I was watching it I do think Smitty took a little bit out of our sails. They wouldn't have committed that same penalty for celebration continuously. It was just a little "We CAME TO PLAY SAINTS". We didn't play with that kind of emotion for the rest of the game. They really looked tight after Smitty got on them. They're smart enough to know when they mess up. Meanwhile the saints KEPT playing with the type of intensity Asante started with. The D needed a jolt and it was taken out of them.

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Well it takes some sensationalism to get a thread going! More importantly did

the mood change after that sideline exchange?

It did and I agree with you. They played loose in the second half but they killed the first half after he got on them. I would rather him go over there with that Smitty smile and simply say "Guys we can't have that" and laugh that one off. Even the play calling right after the pick was tight and scary.

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I thought that we we lost the momentum big time on the Ivory run. That just got the fans back in the game instantly and worse it took our defense's confidence away a little. And they played fearful up untilt the mid 3rd quarter and on.

This is what I am talking about. Samuel and Moore played like they were sending Smitty a

message. They could not possibly have taken those angles on Ivory unless they were distracted

or just mad and out there dogging it. They both looked like third graders on that run.

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Watching Smith get in Asantes *** on the sideline pissed me the **** off. I sat there asking "WTF are you doing Smitty".

Stuff like that hypes us the defense, it gets in the offenses head. We all saw how UGA rushing the field against Florida a few years back set the tone for the entire game.

Sometimes a single 15 yard penalty is worth it if it sets a precedence for the entire game. Smith killed it in it tracks.

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