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Heading Over To Tatf For An Hour Or So


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Wow, that was unbelieveable!!

I've not been that entertained in awhile.

So Turner should be history and MuClure is spitting it out.

Mike Smith has no balls...

Even read about the Katrina refs again....laugh.png

Nice to see you made it back without being banned!laugh.png
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The signal to noise ratio here is incomparably superior.

Hardly, you've just learned to tune the noise out here in RC and actually focus on the noise when you go to TATF.

Sure, there's rampant homerism and chicken little syndrome going on in TATF [ imagine, homers on a team's messageboard] and there's just as much d##k waving and completely nonsensical claims in RC.

There's good solid football talk going on on both forums, you do have to dig through noise on both sides to find signal.

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Stopped by TATF again for a few minutes....

Way to many have fallen off the deepend....

Naah, it's all the posters with a negative slant finally having a chance to start threads/post.

Haven't been able to do that for awhile-You just look foolish criticizing an 8-0 team-so they're making up for lost time.

Now you want someone who has gone off the deep end, try this little beauty:

A Telling Conversation With #1 Pick

It's a series of PM conversations #1 had with another member there.

Here's some highlights:

...I wasn't trolling or nothing. I didn't start trolling till after the playoff lost. I always used absolutes. Will continue so in things I feel are without a question true. Once we lost, I became a hostile poster. The most hostile on this board. I attack like a viper and wasn't even touched once....

...You don't know this but paulitik and falcondae actually run this board from a frequency standpoint. They are more smart than a lot of guys here.....

...It's not right but it's basically an experiment on the online psychology of sports fans...

It was hysterical stuff.

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