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Guys, I am feeling pretty blue over this loss. It just hurts more to lose to the Saints and their cocky, smug, arrogant arses. That being said, lets look at some things to help soften the blow.

1. It's just one game in the standings. Doesn't really matter who beat us, it's just one game. Repeate after me...just one game. We knew we were not going undefeated...Just one game.

2. Now that we have the "undefeated" moniker off our backs, we can concentrate on doing what we do, which is play a good brand of football.

3. Players are eager to make up for a loss, so its a good time to work on things we have had problems with. It is a good time to teach, which we need to do to shore up some issues.

4. Our players can concentrate on the game of football and not what people are saying about them now. Every team says they don't read press clippings, and every team lies and does. You knew the "lack of respect" was getting to our players when Tony G says something about it. Now, its all out the window. Now, the so called experts can all coo and crow about how they were right about the Falcons, and rank us 32nd for all we care. Please, ignore us now, give us no respect and forget we play football on Sundays. It's how we like it, as a team and as a city. Ignore us..till you can no longer do so...

5. We are tied for the best record in football and control our own destiny. Yeah, we dropped a game...one game. Still doesn't change what we have done this season, which is better than any Falcons team has ever done.

6. We will see the Saints in 18 days, at our house. this time..no talking, no nothing..just silence from our team and fans. I want the saints to become unnerved by the absence of sound from our camp. I want nothing but cold, hard resolve, leading the way to crushing their playoff hopes....

So quit with the Emo, doom and gloom, we suck/why do we bother with the rest of the season crap I keep hearing spewed from those who obviously have faced no adversity in their lives and have no perspective on our team's situation. Every path has bumps, and we just hit one. We will come back from this, we will "rise up" from the ashes of our so called "demise". Let everyone else claim we are done, put a nail in us. The only thing our team has to prove it to themselves and their fans and no one else. Still a lot of football to be played, and by the end of it all, we will know the mettle of this team, through and through....

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