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Some Perspective On Losing To The "worst Defense Of All Time"


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I've seen a lot of people in despair regarding the Falcons losing to the New Orleans, as they are on pace to be the worst defense all time in Total Defense.

The Saints have given up a ton of big plays this year, including yesterday, but there are still a lot of solid players on that defense, and a bunch of guys with Super Bowl rings. That's not Louisiana Tech out there.

But my main point is about "Total Defense". It's really not a meaningful stat at all.

The worst defense of all time in total defense is 1981 Baltimore Colts. They were a bad football team.

But....the second worst defense of all time is the 2011 Green Bay Packers. Remember them? They went 15-1 with the second worst defense of all time and actually shut down the Falcons offense for the last 3 quarters on MNF last year. They even finished the season with the worst pass defense in NFL history, but still went 15-1.

The 3rd worst defense of all time is the 2011 New England Patriots. They went to, and nearly won the Super Bowl.

There is a different brand of football being played these days. Lots of passing and no huddle. It's the equivalent of Loyola Marymount bringing their run and gun to college basketball years ago. They had the worst defense in basketball but they were still beating people by 40 points.

If people are frustrated because the Falcons once again failed to get a yard when they really needed it......I can understand that. Frustrates me too.

But this junk about "I can't believe we lost to the worst defense of all time"....it's just a silly rant, it doesn't mean anything.

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The difference is the GB and NE defenses you're talking about were not terrible scoring defenses. Aints' was.

GB only managed 27 points against NO too, but I think Aaron Rodgers and the boys are still going to play out the rest of the season and see how it goes.

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