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Perspective/bright Spots . . . With Music Video Accompaniment!


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The Bears (7-2) lost . . . and they have to travel to San Francisco and later play the Packers plus travel out to Arizona late in the season.

The 49'ers tied the freakin' RAMS!!! They play the Bears at home next week (go 'Niners!) then in New Orleans (Geaux Saints) on a short week. Then they play IN New England late in the season.

The Giants (6-4) lost to the freakin' BENGELS! Among other challenges, they play at the Dome later (Go Falcons)

The Packers (6-3) are beat up again and have road games against the Giants and Bears . . .

So it is almost certain that all of those teams will get to at least three losses, and most, if not all, will get to four losses.

Meanwhile, the Falcons are 8-1 and have the easiest remaining schedule (although the games against Tampa and the Saints are looking more difficult.) If the Falcons are legit, they should NOT have more than three losses . . . and are likely to have two or less. We had every chance to win yesterday against a hot Saints team without Weatherspoon and Jones (for much of the game).

So long as Coach Smith does nothing as moronic as PUNTING AGAINST THE SAINTS ON FOURTH AND TWO FROM MIDFIELD, everything should work out just fine.

With the losses by other teams yesterday, the Falcons remain . . . In the Driver's Seat.

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