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Thoughts Of The Game

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I was at the game today and in my opinion both teams played hard to the end. I do thing we had several opportunities to win this game, but we just didn't make the plays. However, they have been making game winning plays all year so it doe seem strange when they don't come up with the play to win the game. Overall, i enjoyed the game even though there were some obnoxious Saints fan. I really can't complain. I mean we are 8-1 and Matt has been playing on another level.

On a side-note, If Julio wouldn't have gotten injured I think the game would have been way different.

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My thoughts are that this has now become par for the course for the Falcons. Personally, I think they've got it in their heads--players and coaching staff--that they can't beat the Saints and can't get past that.

How I honestly feel, at the end of the day, is like this: I'm sick and tired of the Falcons losing to them. I have my tickets to the Thursday night game, and want to see a massacre of epic proportions take place.

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