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I Aint Skeered...


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We all knew going into this one that it would be close...there are probably a lot of folks going woulda shoulda coulda...and as much as it pains me to have to take a loss from such a crappy arrogant team with a classless and arrogant fanbase, there are still positives in this loss today...pretty clear to me that they studied hard for this one and Matty still managed a career game...I hear these commentators state over and over again that you can't abandon the run game....they're right to a point...back the Vick days with Warrick at RB it seemed the pass game opened up the run game...it's pretty clear that the Burner's best days are behind him...what I enjoy about this team and this coaching staff the most is the malleability of our game plan...I see us adjusting IN GAME(we were dismal at that under the previous OC)...I can't fault Nolan on his D schemes...he is maximizing upside with less than rock stars in skill roles...

Hate the loss...but I love the team...simply put, the best coached and most talented FALCONS team I've seen in the history of my fanhood(we're going back to the Gritz Blitz days here)...

Let's suck it up....circle the wagons...can the hatred and regret(it'll serve us well the next time we play those ********)...and get ready for next week....

I'm PROUD of this team....don't let a loss get in the way of taking this mickeyfickey to THE HOUSE....



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