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I Know It's A Little Early But... What's More Pressing?

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The need for a legitiment DE to rush the passer or a blue chipper to plug into the offensive line.

As it was shown today the Falcons offensive line gets man handed way to easily in my opinion. BUT.... The Falcons pass rush is below average. So I ask what are they spending that 1st rounder on this year? A dominant guard so they can kick Konz into Center? Or maybe a bookend pass rushing defensive end that can fire off the line and get to the QB?

Plenty of guys that should declare for the draft that can hep this team. I know it's wishful thinking for a guy like Mingo or Montgomery. In my opinion they need to finally go out and find that DE than can help get the QB on the ground.

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It doesn't matter much about the position but more about the production. As long as they can come in and improve the team I believe the position doesn't matter; a upcoming pass rusher, a stout offensive linemen, a all around running back, a do everything linebacker, or deep threat tight end. The point being is, as long as they improve the ball club!

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Good question. Anwsering our issues on the o line would make it easier to run for any back, which could help our offense be more complete next season. While, providing our dline with a pass rush would decrease the time the oppsing QBs would have to throw and thus increase the effectiveness of our guys in coverage. This is assuming we draft somone who makes an impact.

Not sure, i guess it would depend on who is left when we get to pick, who we may be able to pick up/afford in free agency, and what changes we want make to our roster (signings/releases).

Our offense is better than our D, and we did try to better our pass rush with Ray Edwards (failed), so i would imagine we may lean towards a DE. However, this is becoming an offensive league, so we may continue to strengthen our offense instead.

Plus, if TG comes back, we may be able to save a draft pick that we otherwise would likely use in the draft.

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