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Be Honest With Yourself. Which Team Today Looked Like A More Complete Balanced Team


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Honestly, I'll take our team over theirs. We really missed Spoon and Julio being out for 2 quarters hurt. Still we should have won.

I won't say we should have won, but we could have won.

We had an opportunity to put up points before halftime, instead go three and out. NO then puts up 7 before half.

Two first and goals under ten minutes in the game to take the lead and we fail both times. Had we put up a TD on the 4th and goal, NO still had roughly 1:40 and 1 timeout only needing a field goal to tie. Something we know they are capable of doing.

SHOULD we have won, No. Did we play well enough to give us multiple opportunities to win the game. Yes, we just failed those opportunities.

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