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Why Should The National Media Respect Us................


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We can not even respect each other or our team!!

You guys are losing your mind over this teams first loss in WEEK #10!?!?!?!

I am mad as heck, but as bad as we played today we still had a chance to win it in the end, and blew it.

Remember this was a divisional game on the road in a very tough enviroment. Lets wait and see how we handle this team at home in a few weeks, before we burn down the dome.

They got timid in the 1st half and the 3 and out showed it, but something i saw (unlike in the past seasons) we got back on track, and came back and did not lay down and die.

If you feel at 8-1 this team is done, then you never were really on board to begin with.......

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