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Taint fans, uncover taints, all of you. . . . . even taint fans posing as Falcons fans, , , . . . .GTFOH

There are almost 800 guests here. . .doesnt take a genuis to figure out who.

We still got the division while you all still gotta hope and pray you dont drop 3 out of the last 7 games . . . .you still got NYG, ATL, SF, DAL, and you may even drop one against a team like CAR or TAM . .


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they might as well. can't blame them, they been waiting for this and they took. don't expect anything less. and for the record eff Mike Smith. if he can't beat a depth deprived Saints team without their head coach and the worst defense in the league, eff him in the goat a$$

I agree with yor sentiment on Mike Smith. . . . . . . . that ugly conservative ego reared its ugly head when this was the time we least needed that crap . . . . I did NOT want a loss against the Saints. I aint gonna lie. . . I was upset about this loss. . . . should get over it in about another 30 minutes though. . . . . . saints aint winning nothing this season anyway

At least we know the boards can handle the traffic!!

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Yea. . . I went over there. . . (dont even have an account over there) to find my name joenate being used . . .

most of them think its me because they posted over there that I made over here . . .but it aint me.

I aint creating an account just to get into with them

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