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Instant Reactions: Atlanta Vs. Saints


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There's no consolation for losing, ever. It sucks, but loss or win there's always positives and negatives.

1. Penalties plagued the least penalized team in the league. That's about it on that.

2. The negative impact of michael turner and the run game showed itself. Quizz broke off chunks but was given carries sporadically. Quizz deserves more carries in the redzone.

3. Matt Ryan played a darn good game. There's really no denying his effort and game. This team has a great quarterback.

4. Twice was the outcome of the game affected by a receiver not running through the route. Drew Davis' led to a pick, and roddy's could've won the game. The little things is what wins games.

5. Give it up for julio coming back into the game. No way anybody should question his toughness.

6. Going back to the little things, justin blalock taking out that defensive end to give matt extra time to make a throw was phenomenal. Play of the game.

7. Quizz is still highly under-utilized.

8. Defense played AWFUL in the first half, somewhere in the 2nd half did things start to click for them. Nolan's familiarity with Brees after this game will help out big time next game.

9. Dominique Franks may be relieved of his punting duties. Harry replaced him on the last return.

10. Sometime during the game was a sight I have never seen before from a Matt Ryan-led falcons team...an overwhelmingly successful quarterback sneak. The play got 3 yards. It was a thing of beauty that should be used more often.

Extra point: it still amazes me how this offensive line has no capability of consistent run blocking. If the line is gonna block like this, then it is absolutely necessary to give quizz, antone smith (ie backs with speed or shiftyness more carries).

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Quizz can run between the tackles. This year for the falcons, between the tackles has been a rough road to run through.

Quizz is dynamic. I'd argue to say, antone smith is dynamic as well and deserves carries. He was in the game on a few ocassions, but in passing situations. Quizz and Smith need more touches.

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