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Are You Serious With Turner

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quit giving this bumb the f'ing ball

He is no good

he ruins all our important drives

he has 10 carries for 5 yds

he was over with 2 years ago when i started the thread to trade him and was burned at the stake

Looks like i know what the **** im talking about

now we throw away money, possible draft picks and waste a roster spot and multiple td drives on his -2yd avg ***

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Lets stop blaming the Offensive Line... at some point the running back has to turn up. There are countless running backs who could do with what Turner is given. The problem is he's not ellusive nor does he have any eyes. Obviously this is a scheme mismatch. Michael Turner needs a power running style like the 49ers or the Ravens where he can have a fullback nearly everyplay and they can run basic Isos, Power 0s, and Quick Tosses, maybe even go old school with those old Lombardi running plays that are designed for mouth punching not ankle twisters.

Our team is not built for a power back, we need either a one cut back like Alfred Morris, or a speed back like Chris Ivory. We already have huge 215+ pound receivers so we need a 5'8" to 5'11" back who can make jukes and spins in any and every situation. And that guy is NOT Jacquizz because he is trying to copy Mike T and he really doesn't have that good of acceleration or top speed, nor above average agility.

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DoYou not see the penetration the saints are getting on every run play? No rb would have success with such piss poor blocking

Its easy to say look at the penetration,

What you fail to analyze is why the penetration

Because a running back with a refrigerator and an anchor tied to each leg is in the backfield, and obviously if we wanted to be versatile, we would have rogers or snelling in there. SO they bum rush between the tackles and once again, its either negative two for the turner tank, or they are already to matt anyhow so how can you lose???????

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I'm guessing you guys aren't fans of the 1 yard runs on virtually every first down that screws our offense by making 2nd and 3rd and long.

Ive been sick of it since 2011, if they are going to do it, they might as well do it with four wide and let him look beastly against some scrawny folks, PUt snelling in the ******** game, Turner with some legs left

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eleven rushes for sixteen yds? They hope we hand it to him, they love seeing him back there....why give someone the benefits of having a lame duck player you dont need to worry about.

The team and line look way better with rogers back there, at least they have to account for him!

PLEASE no more turner, snelling and rogers

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