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Where Are The Night Before The Game Drinking Birds ?


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Well I am Psyched about the Falcons vs Aints game and am in the party zone now.

Years ago I lived in Suwanee I would be prepping my truck , loading it with Turkey Fryer, Coolers Tables etc.

About 7:30 am I would be heading to the Gulch (Of course barring any side trips to bail a buddy out or having a buddy bail me out) LOL

but we made it down there. Set up Base and the party started around 9:00 am .

Beers , Bourbon and Big party time was always the expectation.

Partying until about 45 minutes before Game time ..... Heading into the gate , grabbing a few beers and reaching our seats to ultimatly enjoy another great day at the dome.

I miss those day.....now living in Freaking Colorado Springs.

After the game I always hated the traffic heading back to Suwanee but such is the life....

Now thanks to the NFL package I can watch from Colorado.I can enjoy the games remotely... Not as good as being in the dome mind you, but

at least I dont miss watching the games.

I have some buddies and yes ( I can be friends with a good minded Aints Fan although I know there are few...LOL) who are looking forward to the first matchup of season.

Falcons are going to win. I'm sure they will The Crown XR is so mind altering predictive hahaha

If you live in Colorado let me know, I will be throwing a little get together for the Thursday Night Game Nov 29th (Round Two of the Falcons vs Aints 2012)

maybe we can get together.

Go Birds and here is to hitting 9-0


hey Zuschlag let me know if you see this :P Hopefully you havent become a Panti fan since I heard you moved to Carolina


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