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I Watched Bama Go Down Today.... This Can't Happen To The Falcons Tomorrow

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We need to play some serious ball control Offense, keep Breeze on the pine and do "not" let them get their running game going" now is the time to break out the Amoeba defensive scheme

and mess with Breeze's mind. We've also got to get somebody on Graham, with Spoon still nicked up " he's not gonna be a 100% for probably another week or so, we need for someone to step up" if he consistently get's them seam route" we are in trouble. On the flip side we need to Get Turner cranked up and just run it down their throat's, and that will open up the rest of our arsenal......................34-20 BIRD'S.........9-0!!!!

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We don't want to see the Falcons get beat tomorrow, but to say it can't happen is irrational. I'm sure Saban tried to make sure his Alabama team was prepared to play today, but they played poorly and A&M played very well. It happens to all teams at all levels of competition and it could happen to the Falcons tomorrow. You can only hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. I just know sitting here tonight, I'm a whole lot happier and more confident that the Falcons will show up and take care of business tomorrow than if I were a Taint fan sitting in his shack in SwampLand shaking in his shoes knowing his team is out-classed by a mile and wondering if they're going to get curbstomped in their own house, which is the far greater likelihood when this one is over.

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Honestly, if Aj mccarron had a arm, this wouldn't be a topic of conversation. That last pass would have been a long touchdown instead of the receiver having to stop his momentum and wait for the ball..that drive resulted in a int at the goal line..

I wish Bama would have scored there. I wanted to see if Manziel could come through again.

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