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Patriot Dynasty


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This team reminds me of the 2001 Patriots to a degree. We obviously are going to have a better record than they did, but they were always the underdogs. No matter how well they performed, no matter how stellar of a performance their young QB had, no matter how many times their defense made opposing QBs look bad...it was all coincidence.

They were 14 point underdogs in their SB with the Rams.

They won.

They went on to win 2 of the next 3 Super Bowls.

That's us. We're winning the whole thing this year, and we're going to be underdogs the whole time.

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Biggest difference is that that team had to grind and play perfect football, whereas this team can overcome mistakes.

We've only had one game where we had a lot of mistakes to over come...for the most part we've followed the same formula for success as 2010, win the time of possession, get an early lead, and sit on it. All of that while limiting turn overs and penalties. Julio has just been our trump card big play guy. Hopefully td was right to believe that's what was missing from the 2010 season.

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