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The Screen Game Helped Save Us


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To start off my gal and two yr old daughter are visiting her mother this weekend bc I have to work, so instead of watching the same hello kitty dvd for the 50th time, I re watched three games last night. the panthers game, the chargers game, and the eagles game. After viewing said games I can safely one of the main reasons we are 8-0 is bc of the screen game.

1. our o line is still not great, it is much improved this yr and sam baker has stepped up but we still give up tons of pressure and ryan has been sacked 18 times I believe. two things has helped us in this area, 1. matt ryan's tremendous improved footwork and pocket awareness which is so much improved, and 2. our screen game, against philly who were trying to get pressure constantly matt ryan screened them to death and only got sacked twice, much different from when we played them last yr in the dome.

2. against the panthers we had mike turner' ONLY HIGHLIGHT AT BEING A WR ON A 70 SOMETHING YD SCREEN TO HIM ON A TD, which kept us in the game.3.

3. against the charger on the opening drive kotter dialed up the perfect screen to quizz at the right time to get an easy td.

4. once again in the philly game julio jones and the threat of the screen game made not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 defenders focus on him and let a wide open drew davis have one of the most easy tds you will ever see in the nfl or any league for that matter.

so in closing every where I look the screen game has helped us stay in games or win games, you can even add the julio jones screen late in the cowboys game to help us go up by 6 pts so the cowboys had to score a td to win. I think this wrinkle as helped us keep defenses honest in the absence of a true threat of a great run game.

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I agree. D-lines needing to watch for our screen passes causes them to hesitate for a second. In the past they could just pin their ears back.

The game plans make sense in games, and adjustments are made. All the discussions this year seem to be about players needing to step up, not discussions about coaches needing to wake up.

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