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Typical Saints Fan


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that **** boy never played a down in his life. Sorry as ****. LOL things wrong... earrings...bunkbeds...crap shaved in the side of his head... 3 signs of a aints fan. if that was my son. i would first beat the gay of of him. them kick his stupid self out on the curb.

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I don' get these people.. I mean you're pissed after a loss, the record yourself ranting in your room and then upload it to the internet? Am i the only one who thinks that's one of the most idiotic things one could do?

I think it's pretty stupid too. But there is this one guy named EDP445 (can't say his full name here lol) he does it and it's pretty hilarious. He is the only guy I can say that is actually cool with his. He's an eagle fan BTW :D

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