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"roddy Better Not Come Across The Middle...."


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Don't lie. Y'all hate lofton because he went to the saints and nothing else.

Who has said otherwise? Of course we hate him, like we hate all Aint's.

We liked Lofton when he was here, but he was a liability on 3rd downs against the pass.

The fact that he chose our arch-rival and went out of his way to insult the fans and organization has only proven he deserves the hatred he's received.

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I hope he does go across the middle and burn Lofton for a long touchdown. The only thing that will make it better is if DK has a play design where TG or Julio gets to crack block Lofton's trash talking butt and he's watching Roddy streak down the field while lying on his back.

I love Saints week and I love bulletin board material. This is almost as good as some of the stupid comments that would come from Joe Horn.

Keep it comin' Curtis!! The Falcons don't need any more motivation to nail your *** then they did when you flapped your jaws on the way out of town, and then went to a blood rival for less $$. No one on this team forgot that, and they will find you on the field. Unless you fake an injury, but then you'll have even less money.

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What you going to do about it Curtis with two bad knees the only player you are fast enough to catch is turner and I don't think he is going to run away from you he will just run over you how fast are you now Curtis with your bad knees I bet you run a 4.9 40 now.

There is a reason why nobody wanted to pay you top dollar you only got 2 down LB money for a reason

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