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Espn Nfc South Chat W/ Pat Yaz - Falcons - Other Nfc South Team Questions Deleted


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eric (arcata, ca) [via mobile]

whats the word on spoon's injury? he should be playin this week but he is not any concern?

Pat Yasinskas

(12:53 PM)

As you know, Falcons are very guarded about injury info. But I think the fact they didn't put him on IR is a strong sign that they expect him back fairly soon.

Will Mayfield (Dahlonega, GA)

Pat, what would it take for the Falcons to get some respect? Ryan is an MVP candidate and the Falcons are the ONLY unbeaten team. People point to post season woes, but they do that only with the Falcons...

Pat Yasinskas

(12:55 PM)

Just my personal opinion, but I think the "respect" thing is getting old. Falcons are getting lots of attention.

Thomas (Dalton, Ga.)

I don't care about respect from everyone else. If we win the Super Bowl they will have to respect us. But let's get to the PO, and win there first. One game at a time, like Smitty says.

Pat Yasinskas

(12:57 PM)


Nathan (Orange County)

Pat, you recently gave out your NFC awards and for GM you said that Dimitroff deserved GM of the year for NFC South. Not to take anything away from Dimitroff but don;t you think that Dominik has done far greater good for his team this year than perhaps any team in the NFL. If we are talking overall then yes Dimitroff deserves this but I think Dominik has made this team a contender from a JV squad last year.

Pat Yasinskas

(1:06 PM)

I think I gave Dominik some props in that post, as well as in some other recent posts. No question he's done a nice job. But Falcons are 8-0. If I didn't give it to Dimitroff, I strongly suspect I'd be hearing something about a lack of "respect" from Falcons' fans!

Matt Riddle (Atlanta, Ga)

The Falcons do still have a lack of respect smile.png And Tony G agrees with us!

Pat Yasinskas

(1:08 PM)

Yep, but, outside of Tony, you don't hear many other Falcons talking about it.

Sam (Philadelphia)

Is there any concern from the Falcons that most of their wins have come from very close games and they haven't really played a complete game other than the Eagles game? The only reason I ask is because the Falcons were very good in close games 2 years ago when they went 13-3 and then got blown out in the divisional round.

Pat Yasinskas

(1:13 PM)

Thought they were pretty good in the Denver game as well. But I agree, for the most part they haven't been able to put together complete games.

Curious in Atlanta (Stone Mountain)

Just how bad are the DBs in the NFC south if you listed Dunta Robinson on your all NFC South list?Really, even though he is playing better this season, it still does not mean much when I see him out of position quite a bit along with numerous missed tackles.

Pat Yasinskas

(1:14 PM)

Agree, but take a look at the rest of the CBs in the NFC South this season. I had no choice but to go with Robinson and Samuel on my midseason team.

Taylor (Cov GA)

Do you see the Falcons cutting Michael Turner this offseason, saving some cap room and going a different direction? If so, I like the idea of picking up Michigan State's Le'Veon Bell. Your thoughts?

Pat Yasinskas

(1:15 PM)

I think it's pretty likely this will be Michael's last season with Falcons. Not sure if they'll look to draft or free agency to replace him.

Dwight (Atlanta)

Pat,What do the coaches think about Massaquoi? Any possibility of him getting any playing time any time soon?

Pat Yasinskas

(1:17 PM)

He keeps showing up on inactive list every week, so I don't think they feel he's ready to contribute.

Francis T. (Brooklyn NY)

Did you see the Falcons playing this well since in the pre-season you had the saints as the best team in the NFC South. #Dirtybirdsfan

Pat Yasinskas

(1:19 PM)

Had the Falcons a close second in those predictions. I'd have to go back and look, but I think I had them one game behind the Saints and in the playoffs. So, no, it's not a surprise. I thought Falcons would be good.

David (New York)

Why is it that statisticians use yards allowed and yards produced for their only measure of total defense and offense? Do you really think it is accurate to say there are 25 better defenses out there than the Falcons?

Pat Yasinskas

(1:20 PM)

I don't know why, but that's the method NFL uses to rank them.

Preston (New York)

Can the Bucs beat the Falcons when they play? After all, both offenses are dangerous. Maybe the Bucs are a little more balanced, which might create some problems for ATL.

Pat Yasinskas

(1:22 PM)

Of all the remaining opponents on Atlanta's sked, Bucs, Saints and Giants are the ones that might have a chance.

Shiney McShine (Seat 7L)

Peria Jerry.......Could this be his last year with the Falcons? Seems like he has yet to live up to his first round status.

Pat Yasinskas

(1:33 PM)

Entirely possible. He got his shot early this year when Cory Peters was out. Seemed like he started off pretty fast, but then faded. Think that injury his rookie year was really bad and he's never gotten back to being as quick as he was before tearing up the knee.

Drew Z (Atlanta, GA)

Hey Pat. So big game this week against the Falcons and Saints. The Saints have a chance to ruin our perfect record, and we have a chance to basically put the Saints out of playoff contention.Do you buy into any of the players saying this is "just another game", or that none of the players remember last years game when the Saints purposfully ran up the score for Drew Brees?

Pat Yasinskas

(1:36 PM)

It's never "just a game" between those teams. They genuinely don't like each other.

Dwight (Atlanta)

Pat, you listed the Falcons as the 26th ranked D in a post recently, but the stats page here at ESPN shows them as 15?

Pat Yasinskas

(1:38 PM)

I'll go back and check after the chat. But I think I typed it in wrong. I think they were No. 15 in overall defense and No. 26 against the pass.

Chris (Tempe, AZ)

What is your midseason assessment of McClain so far? I think he's better than Owens and Franks personally since he hasn't given up any big plays really.

Pat Yasinskas

(1:39 PM)

Yep and I think the coaching staff agrees with that and that's why he continues to get more playing time.

andrew (bucs country, nc)

with the flex schedule,any chance week 17 between bucs and falcons is moved into primetime?

Pat Yasinskas

(1:40 PM)

Maybe, but Falcons might be sitting their starters by then, so that might eliminate that possibility.


When will Arthur Blank lock up Matty Ice to a long-term deal?

Pat Yasinskas

(1:43 PM)

Suspect that will be item No. 1 on their offseason agenda.

andy (hickory, nc)

pat im going to see THE WHO in concert tonight woohoo will you be at the bucs panthers game next weekend? ill be there.

Pat Yasinskas

(1:48 PM)

Will be at Falcons/Saints.


Pat, how is this season different compared to the 201/ Falcons season? They've won a bunch of close games and are likely to face one of 4 very good teams in the 1st rnd of the playoffs. Should i keep my expectations low?

Pat Yasinskas

(1:49 PM)

I think the two new coordinators have brought a different attitude on both sides of the ball. I think this is a different team. But we'll find out for sure in January.

Andy(hickory, NC)

how can any team expect a new stadium after a stadium thats less than what 16 years old? im not a panthers fan but i go to the games and theres no reason to builld a new stadium with how much they cost that stadium is fine for football. and they have plenty of luxury boxes ( money

Pat Yasinskas

(1:53 PM)

It's kind of the nature of the NFL. You could also make the case the Georgia Dome is just fine and Falcons don't need a new stadium, but they're asking for one.

Taylor P (Atlanta)

Name idea for new Falcon stadium "The dome Ryan built"

Pat Yasinskas

(1:55 PM)

Yeah, but isn't it supposed to be a retractable roof?

Phillip ((Villa Rica, GA))

If Sam Baker really is this good in 2012, and he really was that bad(and hurt) in 2011, why did Mike Smith keep throwing Baker out there in 2011 knowing he was hurt too bad to be effective?

Pat Yasinskas

(1:56 PM)

Because he didn't really have another choice. When they finally did make a move, they went with Will Svitek, who may be a nice guy and hard worker, but that was a sign of pure desperation.

CC (Atlanta)

You expect the Saints to come after Ryan like they did Vick? If so I'd expect Julio, Roddy and Tony to have huge games. Teams really shouldn't blitz him, no?

Pat Yasinskas

(1:58 PM)

No, I think they'll treat Ryan much differently than Vick. Can't really afford to blitz too much because Ryan and his supporting cast will take advantage of that.

Chris (Tempe, AZ)

I'm a huge Falcons fan and when the Saints drafted Ingram I was pretty scared because of the noise he made in college. Why hasn't Ingram been that great on the Saints?

Pat Yasinskas

(1:59 PM)

Hasn't really had a chance because they use a committee of RBs. I think Ingram could be good on another team if he was used as a true feature back. Couple more questions before we wrap it up.

Phillip (Villa Rica, GA)

SLB-Stephen Nicholas(Falcons) is playing at a very, very high level - but is getting ZERO attention from anyone.......what say you?

Pat Yasinskas

(2:03 PM)

He was on my All-NFC South Midseason Team. I think he's having a great year.


Pat Yasinskas

(2:06 PM)

That's a unique offense and Sproles has to be on the field a lot of the time. Put Ingram with, let's say Atlanta or Tampa Bay as a true feature back and I think he could be solid.

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