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Football Gameplan's 2012 Falcons Vs Saints Wk 10 Preview


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So Em do you feel Falcons new found run game will come up trumps or will we struggle early and wear them down as has been the fashion so far?

I think with the way the Saints OLBs defend the edge...you guys will have NO problem running the football

You do good work dude like the pick

Thanks Big Dog! I appreciate that!

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Good stuff as always Em.

Thanks Big Tuggle!

Good post thanks for sharing. Do u do this for all the games

Thanks Jaymadd! Yessir (www.youtube.com/footballgameplan)

Nice. I look forward to your videos before each game! Thank you for all you do. It's pretty incredible.

Thanks Tandy! I try to give you guys a fair and unbiased outlook on the game!

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Nice analysis, sir! Going to be a good, tough battle, but as you so astutely predicted, the Falcons can run on this Saints defense and we all know Ryan with his weapons can pass successfully on any team in the NFL. Too much firepower and also have the ability to control the flow of the game and the clock versus the Saints defense.

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