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Jay Adams On Curtis Lofton


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I was listening to the jay adam's podcast and they do a segment on impact players and he picked Tony G to have a career day on curtis lofton, bc according to him lofton is bad in the pass coverage game. so he said if curtis is assigned to him, that Tony G would have a great game and get his 100th td. now keep in my mind jay was around these guys day in and out throughout the yrs and knows the players really well.

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Is their a way to pull stats on receivers that he's defended this year? Just curious.

Lot of targets to RB,few Targets to TE and WR when Lofton was in coverage. I can see JJ,RW and TG on a short crossing route and get bunch of YAC exploiting Lofton's weakness.

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Smitty knows all of Lofton strengths and weaknesses, and will exploit them.

Staints signed Lofton to gain an edge on the falcons.

But we got a new DC and OC which now leaves the Staints with diminishing returns

on their investment into Lofton.

If you sign a player from a divisional opponent and that player gives your team an edge

to win one or both of those games, the price paid was a great bargin.

However if you lose both games, well you pretty much wasted your time and money.

To Sweep the Aints this year will be multiple Dutch Rubs on an Epic Scale.

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