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The Seahawks Were 7-9 And Won A Playoff Game


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We have seen a lot of people take jabs at us for not winning a playoff game yet.

I don't care. I stopped caring about winning playoff games a long time ago. The only time they are relevant is when you are still moving forward. If you fail to get to the SB they might as well been a regular season game.

PO games are not a stepping stones for the next year. They are no guarantee of further success or future SB wins. In our history they have not even been a guarantee of having a winning season the next year.

We all know that not every team in the playoffs are really playoff contenders. The difference between us and teams who have a little PO success recently is that we haven't faced one of the lesser teams. If we had and beat them and still failed to get to the SB all we did was help clear away the trash for the eventual NFC champion.

I want a chance to win it all, not close to a chance.

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Earning a bye is a playoff win.

No, it's not. (And please understand, I don't mean this to bash our team ... I would say that about ANY team.)

A bye means you had a fantastic regular season. That's all it means. If it were a "win," it would be called a win.

THIS year, we're going to get a bye and a REAL play-off win ... and then another ... and then one more.

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