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#32 Defense: What Single Game Record Could Fall?


Single game records  

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  1. 1. What single game record is most likely to fall this week?

    • Rushing: Turner, 220 yards
    • Passing: Chandler, 431 yards
    • Receiving Yards: White, 210
    • Sacks: C. Smith, 5

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That was my vote too.

I think Jones could get a couple of big plays in the first half, then break a tackle late (turn a 3 yard chain mover into a 70 yard scamper).

Yea , I don't see it being hard to do with their defense. All it would take is JJ and or Roddy to get their normal yards + a big one or two which seems very possible against that D.

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You cite recent history a lot. Brees number this year are not what they have been in the past. Our pass D is better than it has been in years.

I think maybe you should check again. He's leading the NFL in passing yards and is on pace for yet another 5000 yard season.

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I'm not so sure we could live up to our end of the most gained yards by two teams. The Saints are capable though.

We rarely pass for over 300 yds.

I was pretty much joking when I typed it because that record is so high, but Ryan has averaged 315 yards passing the last 5 games.

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Well unless Ryan lets it fly in this game, I don't see any offensive records being broken. Really though, this offense (for some odd reason) doesn't throw a lot of deep passes, so unless that changes Ryan's 369 passing yards against Carolina earlier in the season will be as good as it gets.

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This game has a lot of potential to be a shoot out. So i would say, of any of these, the passing record would be the most likely.

Here are the next likely, in order, IMO.

-If Turner was not splitting carriers and snaps with Quizz, he could potentially have 220+ rushing yards.

-For White to break the receiving record and Ryan not break the passing record, he would have to be considerably more productive than Julio, TG, Turner, Quizz, and HD. With how poor the saints defense is, everyone has the chance for a big day receiving, so its hard to think White would carry that much of the load. But he can!

- Brees is too good for us to sack 5+ times in a single game. If we start sacking him and getting constant pressure, he will start getting the ball out before we can reach him.

Anything can happened, though. I think we match up good vs the saints and i really hope we shut down the Saints offense, but i do think it mores likely we see a lot of passing, a lot of yards, and a lot of points from the saints.

Just going on what i feel is more probable here.

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The most interesting thing about this thread is that the last time the Falcons played the Saints, 3 things happened:

1. Matt Ryan had the biggest yardage total of his career - 373

2. The Falcons set the franchise record for passing yards - 434

3. The Saints beat the sh*t out of the Falcons 45-16.

I'm just down for the win this week. Don't care about the Falcons breaking their own statistical records.

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