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Are You Bleeping Kidding Me>?


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Bleacher Report released "Every Teams Most Classless Player." Well, I was curious since we lost Dahl, who would they pick as our "classless" guy? For the record-- Dahl wasnot classless, he was just nasty. Big difference.

So, Falcons Fans, here is our Goat.

Two years in a row, Dunta Robinson has made reckless hits on Philadelphia Eagles wideouts.

In 2010 he delivered a crushing, but illegal,

on DeSean Jackson that could have resulted in an even more serious injury.

This season he delivered another

hit on Jeremy Maclin.

Although some people may believe that these hits are clean, Robinson cannot continue leading with his helmet on these big hits because he might end a career.


ARE YOU SERIOUS! So, tough, competitive play and hard tackling make a guy classless? WTF Bleacher. If you want to go ahead and break out the flags just say so but dont demonize a guy for playing tough and hitting hard.


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Oh now I remember.

Did'nt we have a guy by the name of Ray Edwards play for us?

I believe we have someone by that name on the roster, but I don't believe he actually plays. More like stands there and gets blocked on every play, without making contributions to the teams' success.

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Well since we have no classless players, they just had to search for anyone to fit their agenda.

BTW there really is no discernible difference between articles written by fans, wannabes or "credible journalists." In fact, there are no "credible journalists" at all. All media has now sunk to the depths of the National Enquirer.

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It's the bleacher report... The bottom of the barrel. Articles written by fans that have access to every quote that we have. Not sure why you'd get bent out of shape over any journalism, much less the bleacher report.

The only thing worse than bleacher report is you quoting the bleacher report. Let me guess, you get your nightly news from TMZ?

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