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Congrats Obama


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not trying to....just tired of this clown talking about the Bears. They are going down.

This is football related- not politics.

although pro sports- is most def. political.

Anyone who knows anything about politics knows that everything down to a slice of bread is political. . . . . . politics is in everything. . . politics = regulation. . . .that is all it is

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but the Bears will not win the NFC. Sorry broski.

To everyone who voted- you can cheer or complain.

To those of you who sat at home and decided your vote didn't matter- well neither does your opinion.


Kind of makes me wonder how many people didn't vote with a race this close in the popular vote. At the end of the day only the electoral vote counts. It's amazing that not even the NFL accepts a win in OT by a mere coin flip and a field goal kick but the most important man in America can be decided by less than 1% of a margin of victory. I wish Obama well because that means the country got better but hopefully after 8 years it still won't be Bush's fault.
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Proof that there are more people who want a handout than a working hand. More people wanted Obama phones than a job to buy their own phone. Proof more people who love to live off the goverment than work with their own hands and feed their family. Proof we have more people who can sit at home watch Falcon football on a flat screen tv while looking for their check to arrive in the mail. Proof that more people didnt want a president who could actually create jobs because they dont want to go to work. A small number of people cannot continue to support the masses of people...at some point the money runs out so the only solution Obuma has is to raise the taxes on that small number. Taxes are not the problem over spending is. Just saying.

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