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OK, so I have not posted on here in a while, but I would like your opinions on our current unis as opposed to throwback unis. A few teams have gone back to their traditional throwback unis in recent years as their current unis. If we would go back to the retro look as every-Sunday unis, would you rather the 70's look (red helmets, old bird, gray/silver pants, red or white jerseys, like we use on occasion now) OR would you rather us go back to the Glanville Back-in-Black 80's look ?? I personally prefer the 70's look like we use for special games now, but I am a traditionalist. Opinions?? I would like to see a uni change in the future. Peace, love, and rock-n-roll!!

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

I'm not a fan of the all black like I thought I was.

not sure if the saints ruined it, or I just am not a fan of it, or if my style of clothes is changing.

I like the new look of the all white with the black shirt underneath.

but back to the subject,




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Modernize these. We would look badazz.

If we were to go back to those uniforms I'd rather go back to the ones that had the black numbers and names on the white jersey. I know people well say they would look too much like Georgia's but I don't care. I like Georgia's uniforms.

I'll never understand why we wore white long sleeves with those uniforms. Black long sleeves would have looked much better.

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