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Quizz Gif'ed Up Against Cowboys


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Quizz got drilled early in the game. Chris Collinsworth compared him to pee wee league RB.


3rd and 6 in the final drive with all 3 Cowboys Time outs remaining. 3 point game at that point for Falcons.


No Sh1t, Quizz looked angry and fired up after the play.


Quizz with another conversion on 3rd and 5 in the final drive


Quizz still pissed.


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i love me some quizz. he and i share almost the same stats. last i heard, he is 5'6 196lbs. i'm 5'7 205. that's where the comparison ends, lol. i imagine my bf% is a bit higher that quizz.

he is great though. he reminds me alot or w dunn. if he can learn from other smaller backs before him, he could have a nice career. warrick never seemed to get hit hard. that's the key. when you're smaller in stature, you gotta know when to get down. quizz seems to have learned that during his college career.

i would like for quizz to work his way into a starting role once turner is gone. then we would have the personell to run, screen, pass, whatever from our base O. then we need to get a hammer as a change of pace back to come in when the D is tired and truck their azzes.

the change of pace back is great, but i think we do it wrong. speed/shiftyness to wear'em down and then the battering-ram to finish them is what i would like to see.

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Guest Negatorris

Quizz is definitely getting some more screens. I have a feeling he will tear the Aints a new one next week.

He's dangerous in the open field.

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