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At Midway Points Who Is Tougher? East Or South


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Thought to be the 2 toughest devisions in football last season. Record does not look good. But both seems to have their struggles.

I think the media and pundits have overlooked some really good teams.

Panthers just showed they aren't anyones punching bags and Cam got the win vs RG 3. Having the skins questioning themself.

The Giants drop a fight to the steelers. Nothing to be sad about there. The steelers are tough and showed up to fight.

The bucs sailing more under the radar than the falcons are, silently floating into WC contention with every week.

The cowboys went against the best the East and South have to offer and took it to both teams butt in a playoff type of game. They didn't get the win but they weren't walked on either.

The Eagles in self destruct mode could rebound and try and get back in the playoffs hunt. Much like the Saints they need to rebound tonight. This game practically seals the fate of 1 of those teams as far as playoffs hopes go.

The Saints with 1 of the most high octane O`s in the NFL can hang with any team in points. But the D will let any team have just as many point with out much effort.

Skins are rebuilding but they have shown up to fight all season and are on the right path to being a major player. If the Coaching staff doesn't morally break the team saying stupid stuff.

Eagles are on a do or die path. Keep the playoffs hopes alive or start firing people. Vick, Reid days could be numbered if the lose tonight. For a team considered to be SB talented like so many other team. They just blew up.

But even after all that..... the teams in the hunt are hovering around 500 and the WC teams arent much better.

So did the schedules just cancel out all the good teams this year or are the good teams just not as good as we think they are?

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The rookie qb isn't the problem. It's the defense. It's almost as bad as the saints.

Coaching maybe....and Hall of course.

But Saints werent the worst D in NFL history last season. They bring spags over and even upgrade with Lofton. Then Boom.

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