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You Can Have Your Mvp Peyton, I'll Take #2... The 5Th Year Matturation


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At about 04:00 last night (UK time, ouch), I was enjoying watching our Falcons move to 8-0 after a truly brilliant team-wide perfromance. The big players turned up, the role players rolled.

There are many talking points, Quizz closing, 2x 100yd WRs, Nolans D...

What was special to me was the man with #2 on his back.

Time and time again we were up against it, and we witnessed Matt steer the ship and carve up the tough Cowboys D from all kinds of looks.

There were times previosuly where i'd take the option of sleep on sunday nights and catch up the day after, but I wanted to witness the streak continue.

He got assaulted, but continued to step up and deliver to his 1st, 2nd and 3rd reads all night.

I'm not sure about you all, but for years i've seen Falcons QBs drop back (including Ryan) in tough situations, and been filled with dread. Sacks and Picks were always playing on my mind. Call it gameday nerves and being too emotionally involved I guess.

Matt Ryan has shown a lot over his career, but what says the most to me is that I now look at him dropping back, and I watch with joy as he steps up and slings one to one of our receiving options. No more apprehension, just belief.

Think belief in a fan has a parrallel to a team mate? Absoultely, it's clear the guys believe 100% in our signal caller.

His decision making has been superb, his pocket awareness improved, his arm strength is no longer a question, even his scrambling has jumped up.

He has always had the brains and accuracy, that's never been a doubt...

What we are witnessing here is the Matturation, and any doubts 99% of Falcons fans had about this guy are dissappearing into the ether. I could understand the apprehension in previous years, I got it, sure, but I think a lot of us knew he was special...

The playoff argument will rear it's head once more when the time comes, but there is no doubt in my mind that Ryan has turned into one helluva QB.

#2 for life.

.... whodda thunk it, a post like this after a 0 TD game ;)

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This year I really doubt that Matty even cares if he wins the MVP, this season he and the whole team for that matter have a chip on their shoulder. And that chip is only gonna be brushed off in the playoffs. They have been plenty of reasons for this new found swagger, Spoon, Asante, Matty, Julio and Roddy, our safety tandem (which by next year, I fully believe will be the best in the league if they're not already). But whatever the reason, this is the first time I can remember them ever playing where they truly look like an elite team, the team whos gonna go and hoist the lombardi.

On a side note, if Matty doesn't win the MVP this year I believe 100% that this is only the tip of the ice berg and we may have the next Peyton winning multiple MVP's throughout his career. He may have to take backseat for another year before taking that throne from Peyton though.

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