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Roddy Is So Humble And Un Selfish When It Comes To His Team


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Roddy is the most dependable and physical WR of his generation.

Wow, I like the enthusiasm, but I will respectfully disagree.

He is the most complete WR the Falcons have ever had, there is no question on that....but there are other WR's during Roddy's time that are as good or better in those departments you listed.

Larry Fitzgerald, CJ, Hines Ward are all players I consider as dependable and physical or more so that have been around in Roddy's time.

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Any time somebody scores, Roddy is always the first there to congratulating them. One of many great team guys on the roster.

I think some of the guys are more afraid of him than the other team's defenders. They know once they score they better have their head on a swivel because Roddy is coming full force.

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No player on this team gives a Shlt about Stats, as a player you only want one thing.


You ask anybody from Pittsburg or Chicago about stats, and you will have

just ruined a perfectly good discussion about football.

Stats are for Fantasy Football and losers.

Percentages are for the Pros and Fans that know Football.

Do you think that Julio gives a flip about what AJ Greens Numbers are ?

Do you think that AJ Green gives a shlt about Roddys numbers?

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