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Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words?


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Easiest schedule EVAR?

I'd have to disagree...outside of the AFC West minus Denver, the rest of those games have been pretty tough, but we found ways of winning them.

Don't get caught up in records...the Panthers, Cowboys, and Redskins were all in it in their losses...just couldn't make the plays when needed.

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I was just reading an article on si.com and it irritated me a little bit. To sum it up, basically it said we're nothing special because we have squeeked by some teams. That's complete bogus bullmess. I don't see how squeeking by a team is worse than losing 2-3 games.

Seriously if that's the basis of our flaws, then the 31 other teams in the league are more flawed than we are. Especially since all of the other "favorites" not only have lost, but lost bad at some point.

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