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Breaking Down Atl


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QB= A- Matt ryan is most definetly the front runner for MVP but who is behind him NO ONE we have a terrible backup QB in Luke McCown and a Donavan McNabb QB like DD but i see us picking up a QB in the draft possibly Mike Glennon or Seth Dodge would be nice

RB/FB= B Turner productivity i knew would go down when the season started but no this bad he gets 3 yards a carry and tries to be Shady McCoy when he gets into trouble.Jaquizz Rodgers is the best RB on this roster right now he fights for extra yards an blocks very well.Jason Snelling is a great RB on this roster and he spend most of his playing time at FB which suits him very well considering his Peyton Hillis size an his Brandon Jacob abilities he is great in ATL.An the last FB is Polite he has not done much but when he is on the field he does get a few good blocks.

WR/TE= A Roddy,Julio,Gonzalez are the big 3 in the atl in the clutch or a important moment in the game they step up and make big plays when needed most all of these guys will be HOF one day.Harry Douglas and Drew Davis are fighting for the slot reciever spot but they are both young fast recievers that are both built like Victor Cruz and i see them both getting more passes when Gonz is gone.

O-Line= B our oline sure as heck isnt the best in the NFL with a average Tyson Clabo and a young linemen such as Peter Konz and Sam Baker but in the middle of all of this is Todd McClure who is a great center for atl an has been great for the long time we have had him.

DT= B- we do not by any means have the best DT in the game but they have the potential to be with Babs,Peters,Jerry,and Walker all above the 270 mark in size they are very explosive off the ball an can put fear in the eyes of some QB in the nfl (RGIII LOL).

LB= B our Lb are Sean Wetherspoon,Mike Peterson,Kroy Biermann,Akeem Dent,and Stephen Nicholas these guys are all below the 6 year mark in the nfl and are already being known as D-Block by making QB scramble for Their life an putting heat on anyone who comes across the middle. But we are missing one piece of the puzzle in our LB is a leader of a MLB our MLb are Akeem Dent a one year undersized rookie and Kroy Biermann who plays almost every position on defense.But in the draft i see us picking up a guy like Kevin Minter or Manti Te'o.

DE=B+ we do have a loaded down DE on our team in John Abe and Kroy Biermann but we also have a dissepearing act in Ray Edwards who we got in 2011 but has produced nothing in our pass rush.We also have to young guns as in Cliff Matthews and Johnathan Massiquai.

CB/S=A our Corner backs and safties are outstanding as 2 of them are at the top of the league in INTS and a hard hitting corner in Dunta Robinson an a good veteran in Asante Samuel.We also have a small CB in Brent Grimes who is out for the season and Chris Owens who is a fast nickle back and can play on the outside if needed but with these guys in the atl its hard to get a ball deep down the field.

K/P=A+ we have a kicker in Matt Bryant who make Janikowski look like a shadow of a good kicker in the nfl and Matt Bosher who in the bronco game kicked a kickoff through the up rights an pins opponents back deep in their side of the field.

All in all this team is a A when it comes to all around effort an teamwork.Not only that but we are also about to be 8-0 after we kill the Cowturds 38-14 in the dome tonight.

Go Falcons Rise Up!!!!!!!

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