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Mooch Bold Prediction

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Guest Negatorris

Doubt that happens. Roddy and Julio, but we won't pass enough to get Tony 100 unless we are in a shootout. We always take our foot off the gas so it's hard to do those things.

Well if our defense doesn't somehow show up, it could happen.
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Irvin's prediction was that Romo goes over 300 with 4tds and 2 Cowboys receivers will have over 100 rec yards

I think this stat has come about because during Romo's career he is 19-2 in the month of November.

The 12th man will get us this W so those of you going to this game MAKE A H*LL OF ALOT OF NOISE.

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I'd love it, but Dallas is pretty decent against the pass. I just want a win. Don't care how.

They're actually pretty middle of the pack. Before us, Philadelphia was ranked #3 in Defensive Passer Rating. Last week, Dallas was ranked #22. Now, Philly is STILL #8 and Dallas is STILL #18. We can own them.

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That's a bit much I think. Wouldn't that be some sort of all time NFL record? And if that's the case it would mean we're in for a real shootout, which is not the kind of game the Falcons want to get into. Ball control and clock eating, that's what wins in the Dome.

Nope, Dallass actually did it last week against the giants, Witten, Bryant, and Austin. They didnt all catch TDs but they all had over 100 yards

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