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Falcons Biggest Needs?

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If we go to using more 3 DL sets then the DE need goes way way down.

Still hoping Massaqoui is our answer at DE/OLB.

Wtf is up with Sidbury tho???

Eiffert at TE keeps our O rocking strong. He can be our Gronk/Hernandez.

Also... Quizz would be a great personnel wild card when he shifts to slot when the D has their base run personnel on field.

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Let's be realistic about what we've got and what we need (this is my first post in a few months so bare with me):

MLB -- no.

On paper, sure you can say we need a MLB. The fans say Dent is a Lofton clone and neither can cover. Yet, TD took him to be a Lofton clone. In goal line situations and short yardage, Dent can come in and clean up the middle with Nicholas over the TE and Spoon coming from the weakside. Most importantly, our base defense is a nickel, which means two linebackers who need to cover. Spoon and Nicholas. Done and done. I've been down on Nicholas forever and have been the guy demanind we get a stud LB to pair with Spoon...but Nicholas has really shut me up this season. He's quietly our defensive MVP...eliminating opposing tight ends and making great plays against the run. Everyone said Spoon would be the biggest beneficiary from Nolan, and while he's well on his way to becoming a Falcons' Ring of Honor kind of player, Nicholas has been the guy to really step up. There's no need to use a pick on a LB at all, unless a guy like Manti Te'o or an unbelievable difference maker like Alabama's duo of CJ Mosley or Nico Johnson fall to us and they are BPA. In that case, we need to change to a true 4-3...but I don't see that happening. Be very grateful that we have Nicholas and Spoon and focus on bigger needs.

OT -- debatable, but for now, no.

I still think Baker sucks, but I think the LT spot is Lamar Holmes' next year. He'll have the rest of the season and the offseason to prepare, and with the game a bit slower and guy like him will shine in our scheme. We get the ball out quick, a la Manning's old Colts where he didn't have a stud LT, and he can block well in both phases of the game. He's naturally very athletic, kind of like a Phil Loadholt but the pass blocking version. We won't give up on Holmes this quickly unless he gets hurt again or a stud falls to us. This could be a spot to target in the 2013 draft.

DE -- you bet.

Abe's snaps are being limited, and with him out we get 0 pressure. Kroy has been a great utility piece to confuse offenses and stop them, but not to get to the QB. There are going to be plenty of other worldly athletic guys when we're OTC in the 1st, and I think this pick comes down to TE or DE. Werner, Montgomery, Dion Jordan, Alex Okafor, Carradine, Ezekial Ansah. Ansah is a rawer JPP at 6'5, 270 with crazy ability and I would love to see what Nolan could get him to do.

DT -- you bet.

This is the position I want us to trade up for. One more Julio-trade to get us Star from Utah, who is a hybrid of Ngata and Suh, and our defense is dominant against the run and top 5 against the pass since interior pressure is something we lack. Peters is decent, Babs isnt getting younger, and Jerry is gone. Having a game changer here would make life a lot easier for Abe, Ray, and Kroy.

TE -- you bet.

I doubt Eifert lasts to our pick, but we'd have to look at him. I still love Fiedorowicz from Iowa but his stock has plummeted.....making me want DT and DE first and then him in the 3rd. It's clear our offense is outside focused and then TE focused -- HD has been a total bust once again. If we have no TE and no slot upgrade, our offense will take a huge step back.

slot WR -- yeaaa, but no.

I dream of Tavon Austin in the slot in between Julio and Roddy. It's my happy place. But I like what Davis has shown and we just signed Roddy, so its looking doubtful.

RB -- yes.

If Lattimore declares for the draft, we take him in the 1st. Period. It's McGahee all over again, but Lattimore is better. He's my favorite college player, so I'm biased. Kenjon Barner would be a great fit in our offense. He has better speed than Quizz and better hands, and he's shown an ability to run inside similar to Shady McCoy -- not overly tough but he makes a cut and gets upfield. Right now he's projected for the 4th round. I like that. Silas Redd, as a PSU fan, has me with mixed emotions...but he's a very good all-around back and will fall to the 4th because he won't blaze the 40. He's the kind of back that Shanahan would have at 1500 yards every year. To me he is an improved version of current day Stevan Ridley. Can do everything pretty well with room to get better. Redd was a top recruit at RB and the hottest college free agent of all time.

CB -- I'd like one.

I think Brent is gone, and Dunta's best position is inside in the nickel. That means we need an outside CB, and prior to the season I said if Amerson from NC State fell from Top 5 somehow we'd have to take him. Looks like he is, and a ballhawk like that as our #1 CB of the present and future playing opposite Asante with Dunta in the slot is very dangerous. Top corners never come around, and there are 4 in this draft. Dee Milliner is to me a clone of Kirkpatrick, and will be the first off the board. Jon Banks is a guy draft pundits, but teams may not like his 40 time and he could be available. I'm a big fan of Amerson and Xavier Rhodes, and would love either pick. Both guys have #1 shut down potential on par with Haden, Peterson, Claiborne etc. as prospects. Amerson reminds me of Seattle's Richard Sherman -- 6'2.5, plenty of speed, plays physical, and is a true rare quality ball hawk -- 13 INTERCEPTIONS last season! Now obviously teams are throwing away from him and foolish scouts and drafties are moving him down boards because guys like Banks and Milliner are getting thrown on and causing turnovers. It would be like Revis not getting selected to the Pro Bowl because he had 1 INT in a season vs. Cromartie who had 6 INTs because no one throws on Revis and everyone throws on Cromartie. It's dumb.

RG -- no.

I thought Konz was taken to be the center of the future and it's clear that Hawley was with Konz to be our RG. If we move Konz to center like I hope we do, then RG is a need. But Konz has good pulling ability and is a smart lineman, so he could develop into a great RG. This will depend on what we do with Hawley mainly, but I don't see us creating an extra need by discarding Hawley.

With this info, my mock by position would be:

1) CB, David Amerson, NC State

2) DE Ezekial Ansah, DE, BYU

3) TE CJ Fiedorowicz, Iowa

4) RB Kenjon Barner, Oregon

5) WR Kenny Stills, Oklahoma

For pure need you can argue for a DT first, but I think the 3 impact guys of Star, Hankins, and Jenkins are gone. I like two free agents for our defense a lot -- DT Terrance Knighton from Jax and DT Glenn Dorsey. I think a rejuvenated Dorsey on the team he wanted to be drafted on in a penetrating 4-3 D instead of a 3-4 would be very dangerous. He'd be overlooked as well so he'd see single teams across from Babs. This was TDs first draft and we almost took Dorsey over Matt Ryan, so don't be shocked if we are quick to sign this guy once free agency begins since TD loved him back then and thought he'd be a perfect scheme fit. I still think he could be, and he'd be cheap for his value to us. A CB, however, of real quality would cost an exorbitant amount of money. No thanks.

Stills is thrown in as a slot guy to push HD and compete with Drew Davis. Good route running and reliable hands, more quick than fast. That's what you want in the slot, and that's not what we've been getting.

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Biggest Needs by far to add balance to our team. in my humble opinion:

1. To Run the ball (Pure Right Guard and Power back w/ at least cut back ability)

2. To Stop the run (Bigger DT as run stopper even if he is rotational)

Would also like.

3. Cover LB/or Big in-the-box safety (to cover TE; short/itermediate routes)

4. Punter returner (ideally a slot reciever type)

Would consider:

5. ILB- (it is a need; could be a big part in stopping the run but not sure how much in Nolan defense. Also 3 down ILB are hard to come by)

6. Depth at S positions

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