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Roddy White Sees Why Atlanta Falcons Fly Below Radar


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Roddy White sees why Atlanta Falcons fly below radar

Tony Gonzalez made waves this week when he wondered why a 7-0 start hasn't led to heavy media coverage for the Atlanta Falcons.

Wide receiver Roddy White has his own theory. It's an entertaining one, too.

"'Cause we're the Falcons," a laughing White told NFL.com and NFL Network's Ian Rapoport this week. "I mean ...that's kinda bad to say, but you're the Falcons. We haven't won a Super Bowl, we don't have this history of having ridiculous, great quarterbacks leading the franchise to Super Bowls and things like that. And everybody kinda has that mix going on -- the Packers, the Bears, the Jets, the Giants. They all have had Super Bowl wins and things like that. So, they have history.

"We have ... three years ago, we had our first back-to-back winning season. So, that's amazing. We've been playing football for 40-something years. It's a true statement. It's kinda hard to just throw a team out there and be the darling of the NFL just because they're 7-0 when they really haven't done anything yet."

Rapoport jokingly asked cornerback Dunta Robinson if the Falcons are just too boring to seize the spotlight.

"I don't know how you call 7-0 boring," he replied. "But I mean, it's not really something we focus on. We live by the model, 'We all we got.' This is it, this is our family. As long as we got a confident group of guys walking around this locker room, as long as we got a bunch of coaches that believe in us, we're fine with that. We really don't worry about what's being said on the outside."

The Falcons really are in a tough spot. Barring a 16-0 run, they won't sniff respect until they step up in January. Might as well keep winning until the calendar gets there.

Even the Falcon players know we are a disrespected team that even being #1 means nothing if your the falcons. Its almost funny. That if we where losing the media would love to make fun of us, but when we are winning its like "lets talk about the Eagles or cowboys or giants or skins or colts."

We will go into most games as being underdogs. Thats cool. Week by week teams will take notice. We might not win flashy or by some huge amounts or blow other teams out the water. We just win and as long as we do that, the headlines will always be whats wrong with the teams we beat and how did they get so bad.

Fans can live with that. If the media is only gonna put us on blast anyways at the first mistake we make. They might as well not mention us any other time.

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