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Major Reason For Our Success


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One of the major reasons for our success so far, that I have not been hearing much about is penalties, or the lack thereof. In 2010, when we had our great regular season run, we were the least penalized team in the league, with an average 3.8 penalties per game. In 2011, we only ranked 9th with an average 5.6 penalties per game. However, this season, through the first 7 games, we are averaging a mere 3.4 penalties per game. In fact, with the exception of two games (the Broncos and the Eagles), we have been whistled for only two penalties in each game this season. Not only have we been having fewer penalties, but also fewer yards off of penalities. In every contest this season, we have lost fewer yards to penalties than our opponent, even when they have had the same number of penalties. The discipline that has been instilled within this team by our coaching staff will be one of the more important qualities that will help lead us to a SB. Go Falcons!

I have included a link to a stat page below, as well as the comparisons in penalties from each of our 7 games.

ATL @KC ATL 2-12 KC 2-25

DEN @ATL ATL 8-72 DEN 10-96

ATL @SD ATL 2-15 SD 4-17

CAR @ATL ATL 2-15 CAR 9-64

ATL @WSH ATL 2-13 WSH 4-20

OAK @ATL ATL 2-25 OAK 12-110

ATL @PHIL ATL 6-40 PHIL 6-57


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That's pretty much been an MO of the Falcons in general. Balance and discipline. Dan Reeves had the same approach, and that's the reason why he still holds the distinction of coaching this team to the best record in franchise history and its first and only Super Bowl appearance in 1998, and why Smitty was able to guide this team to the second best record in franchise history.

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Yeah. I made a not of how much or penalties jumped up last season as part of the reasons for our inconsistent play.

2008 - 71 (4.4) for 591 (36.9)

2009 - 78 (4.9) for 664 (41.5)

2010 - 58 (3.6) for 598 (37.4)

2011 - 93 (5.8) for 769 (48.1)

2012 - 24 (3.4) for 192 (27.4)

So as you can see the Falcons are on pace for their best year with penalties under Smitty.

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Well Smitty's winning record is no fluke. They guy has a proven formula for success, and a plan to achieve it. We are very fortunate to have found this hidden gem.

Thank Thomas Dimitroff for that, as well as being bold enough to take a shot on Matt Ryan and Julio Jones in the first round.

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