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1 Free Ticket To Aints @ Falcons

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Yes this is real..... last year i gave 2 tickets away when the Aints played our boys at home last year.... actually all i charged was the 50 bucks to overnight the tickets.. but anyway, my friend was gonna fly to ATL with me to see the Falcons beat up on the Aints this year... unfortunately he wont be able to make it. i really wanna go this year cause i didnt go last year... all my friends that live in atl ARE NOT Falcon fans... the way i see it who better to go to the game and cheer than a fellow Falcon fan!!!!! so here we go i have 1 FREE TICKET to week 13 Thursday night football AINTS @ FALCONS sec243 row 3 seat 5 LINK~~~~~~~> http://vsv.atlantafalcons.com/#/p_243_1/ however i do require a few things see below

here is what you need to do to get the ticket!!!

1: be 21 or older,, ( sorry just dont want some 19 year old that cant drink beer)

2: on this THREAD tell me why YOU should get the ticket!!! (DO NOT PM ME!!!) i will not read PM's

3: you got until the end of the Falcons game against the Cardinal sunday Nov 18th to post on this thread..


on Monday the 19 i will let the person, who i think deserves to go, know they got the free ticket... also i will choose a 2nd person, just in case person 1 cant make it...

Like i said i dont want any money for the ticket...

oh im not some crazy killer or nothing like that so you dont need to worry about sh!t like that....

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If I lived in town, I would be all over this. I'll even give you a run down on why I would be the most awesome choice... but don't pick me because I'm in Phoenix and there's very little chance that I would be able to make it.

1. I'm awesome at drinking beer. Not only do I drink it, and a lot of it, I also make it. And I have about 6 cases of 8.8%abv homebrew in my kitchen.

2. I'm very loud when it comes to the Falcons. I scare children. I scare my wife. I RTFU.

3. I'm not a murderer either.

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1. I am from VA as well

2. I am 28 and can throw them back with the best of them (I'm from PTown)

3. I am a cool dude, I've got priorities so I don't get too out of hand.

I was at the game last year, it was an awesome game despite the loss in overtime and I would love to get redemption.

Besides that, my birthday is on the 24th of November and that would be the most awesome thing to do...

If you decide to drive down, we can split gas money...

I am not a nut.

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I really encourage someone to take advantage of this. Two years ago I got to go to my first game ever in the Georgia dome thanks to FFS1970 doing this same thing. I drove down from Indiana for a Thursday night game and made it back to indiana Friday morning. It was totally worth it, so out of towners don't be afraid to jump on this opportunity!!!

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Optimus...I think A-Town needs more people like us in the city....

Kahne - Ahahahhahaha!

I truely cannot express enough how awesome I am at the beer drinking part. I'm 29. Grew a bit older, so it takes me longer to recover. Before my kid was around, around 25, I would pick up 4 40oz's on the way home from work on fridays. That was pregame. I had a kegorator in the garage, and between my gang (yes, I am officially a gang member, but we're a good gang) and myself, we would rip through about a keg a weekend. That doesn't sound like much until you consider that there was only 3 members in my gang then...

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1. My birthday is the 9th, so it would be a belated birthday present.

2. I'm a Falcon fan through and through.

3. This regime has never lost with me in the stands.

4. My friend works for Verizon, so if he's working, we can hangout in the Verizon Club. To be honest, you might be able to do that anyway. They've never checked for Vz passes but I've always been there with him so I'm not sure if it's a separate pass or not.

5. I'm 5'4", 34DD, and 105lbs. Ok, I can't lie. I'm a dude and I was making that up to make you pick me.

So there are my 5 reasons to bring me but I have one reason not to. I don't drink at the games. I have 2 kids, 8 months and 2 years. The only reason I ever drink is to get drunk. And I won't drink and drive.

Didn't want to set the wrong expectation. Figured if you're making the trip down and giving out a ticket, you should get somebody to go that will get f'd up with you. Have fun and RTFU!

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I too live in VA, and would be listing reasons right now if I hadn't just got a ticket to that game yesterday in section 210, first row

I went to the Skins game in DC this year, and it was awesome watching us win, but an away game just does not compare for me, when your colors are the minority;-(......the GA Dome games I get to go to are soooo much more exciting to me!

Sorry to take up a post on your thread, I just wanted to share how I can't wait for this game!!!

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I have nothing cliche or special to say, so my reasons for wanting this ticket are pretty plain.

I'm a 21 year old poor college student and I've never been to a Falcons game before. Last year, I was suppose to go to a game, but I had a family emergency and had to give it away. I'm just a die hard fan who wants to go to his first game.

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

this is pretty cool of you. I have season tickets so I do not need them. I am interrested in who you pick.

I would add to the list.

- must cheer for the falcons when the D is playing.

- must show up at 7:30 like Roddy White says on D-block.

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